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265. Adás Jön a Karácsony Szent Ünnepe, jön a TEK - is, hogy a vásári forgatagban való jelenlétével, rémületet, aggodalmat, rettegést , "ajándékozzon" a Magyar társadalomnak! Orbán beszéd a



Edwardhag #10881 Edwardhag
- 2020. március 30. 18:37:13
Has anyone ever used one of these personal shopping/forwarding services in the USA so you can buy from retailers who wont ship overseas?.

They provide you with a US address which you use when you make the purchase, the retailer ships to them and they then ship the item onto you.
Been doing some research and there are good and bad horror story (pun totally intended). The worst being that parcels never arrive and hidden shipping costs added on.
There is a US retailer who is selling an exclusive variant/color of an vinyl album I'd really like to get as a Christmas Gift for someone but they do not ship outside of the US?
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