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315. AdĂĄs. Szombatra, "kaszĂĄra, kapĂĄra" -szĂłlĂ­tott a Magyar Szakszervezeti SzĂśvetsĂŠg, - amelynek lĂŠtezĂŠsĂŠrĂľl eddig mit sem tudtunk, - a kormĂĄny un. "rabszolgatĂśrvĂŠnye" ellen! KĂ­vĂĄn



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In an attempt to show her support of the Chicago Pride Parade on Sunday, Lady Gaga instead championed the world of mariachi performers.
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It doesnt, of course. This Is Where I Leave You, which was directed by Hollywood veteran Shawn Levy (of Date Night and the Night at the Museum franchise), is frequently irritating and occasionally insulting. The repeated gags involving a precocious toddler and his potty chair, in particular, are like chewing sandpaper after the first iteration. It adds up to nothing in the end. Still, Im forced to admit I kind of liked it, largely based on a cast that elevates supremely mediocre material to well, what exactly? To haute-mediocrity? To adequate disposable entertainment? To a VOD selection you wont bitterly regret three months from now? Something like that. If Tina Fey is almost entirely wasted in a humorless role as Judds unhappily married sister, other actors fare better. Adam Driver is almost puppyish as Judds irresponsible, philandering younger brother, who comes to the wedding with his older girlfriend cum therapist (the terrific Connie Britton), and Jane Fonda adds a note of queenly precision to what could have been a caricature role as the familys fearsome mom, who has enormous new boobs and a secret she isnt ready to share.

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It may not come as soon as Id thought, because Israel is reportedly in negotiation with Hamas to at least stave off another conflict. That may be because they dont want any military activity on their southern border while theyre clashing with Hezbollah on the northern border; it may be because Israels military-intelligence apparatus, in which theres more strategic thinking [than in the civilian government], sees Hamas as a force of stability in Gaza. They actually want Hamas to be there because Hamas is governing. Hamas actually uses its own military units to prevent rocket launches during ceasefires.
Increasingly, the Gaza Strip is populated by the young and the very young. About 50 percent of the population in the Gaza Strip which is 1.8 million people; its one of the most densely populated areas in the world is under the age of 18. Of those under the age of 18, a disproportionate number are under the age of seven, which means these children have known nothing but war. A fatalistic attitude about these wars is actually leading people to have more children. Because their children keep getting killed.

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Although there are not specific details of exactly what Jenner will be discussing, there is no doubt that she has a lot to talk about.
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